Mathematics Proficiency Workshop

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The Mathematics Proficiency Course aims to give students an opportunity to revise some of the basic areas of Mathematics that are fundamental to the first-year mathematics modules. This course is a self-study module, i.e. there are no lectures or tutorials. A new topic will be posted on Moodle each week, and each section will consist of short video tutorials, practice quizzes, and a final quiz. 

The Proficiency Course is supported by one weekly workshop.
The Mathematics Proficiency workshops will be held every Wednesday at 3pm, starting on the 9th of October 2019, in the Social Learning Room in the Library. 
All material covered in each workshop will be recorded and subsequently posted each week on the Mathematics Proficiency Course Moodle page. 
Students are encouraged to contact the tutor James O'Malley in advance of the class with suggestions of areas of the course material that they would like to see covered in the workshop.
 Students who are not enrolled already and wish to avail of this service should contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

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