Second Year Science Mathematics Workshop

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The Second Science workshops will start on the week beginning the 22nd of February 2021. Workshops will be pre-recorded and will cover material from the modules MT202S (Calculus 4) and MT216C (Linear Algebra). Students can access all the notes from the relevant Moodle page: MC:MTSC_Y2_Workshop

This is an opportunity for 2nd Science students to submit queries, topics and problems for discussion outside of their normal tutorials. Problems should be sent to the tutor James O'Malley for discussion. Students are encouraged to contact the tutor in advance of the workshop with material they would like to see covered. Please have suggestions submitted by noon on the Friday preceding the workshop. All suggestions from students will be treated anonymously. Each week the tutor will send a message using Moodle to announce the topics that will be covered.

We encourage students to actively engage in this workshop process. Additional material related to the topics covered will also be posted on the Moodle space along with the class notes.

If you are having problems viewing the Moodle page contact theĀ  MSC.

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