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On Thursday the 12th of October 2017, the Mathematics Support Centre celebrated its 10th birthday. Click here to see pictures and read testimonials from some of our past and present students and staff.

Feedback from students who use the MSC regularly and appropriately is very positive, here are some sample comments:

Maynooth University Student Comments

  • I nearly failed LC maths and almost dropped out in my first week of college because maths terrified me. I am now definitely taking maths for 3rd year and I have been achieving brilliant results thanks to support and encouragement of the MSC.’ (2nd Science Student, 2013-14)
  • I don't know really that I have anything different to say than everyone who uses the MSC. Personally I regard this facility as an absolute necessity regarding my progress here. I very much doubt I would be in second year now without it. The eagerness shown both by tutors and fellow students to help with the material is highly reassuring. The only downside is that I didn't start to use it as soon as I heard about it. (2nd Science Student, 2014-15)
  • Returning to college as a mature student studying maths can be very intimidating. The maths support centre has helped me to feel more confident about my studies and has as a result greatly helped me in passing my exams. A lot of this is due to the atmosphere created in the support centre by the students and also the tutors. The tutors are very approachable and any questions are answered in an understanding manner. The tutors always aim to help you to understand the problem you are trying to solve. I have also gotten to know many of my fellow classmates better in the MSC through working in groups. These groups are always fun and there is great rapport between the students and tutors. This combines to make it very easy to enjoy studying maths. (2nd Science Student, 2014-15)
  • I, personally, had 12 mathematical exams in my final year - and I obtained first class honours in every one of them, some of which were over 90%. This was achievable largely because I had firm support readily available in the maths support centre. When I needed help on a part of my notes, or on a past exam paper there would always be someone willing to help. It came a long way in the three years I was there, and I have no doubt they will continue to grow over the next few years. Students can use the MSC as a nice comfort, for those times that everything seems too much or too hard, they know that at one point during the week they can go and ask someone for help without worrying that they are bothering them! The MSC provides support, stress relief, and a friendly environment. Feel free to be yourself, ask loads of questions and soak up your time there because the more help you get, the more extra little marks you'll grab at the end of year tests - remember, what you hear sticks in your head more than what you read, so having time with a tutor explaining material to you can seriously benefit!!(Arts Student, 2011-14)
  • I have been using the MSC for the last four years. In college it can be hard to get to know staff but in the maths department it's great to receive so much help and support via the MSC, and it's also great to get to know the tutors and lecturers. The MSC is also somewhere that I made friends and gotten to know people, especially in first year. Thank you for helping me so much during my time in Maynooth! (Science Education Student, 2011-2015)
  • At Leaving Cert level, maths always struck me as being like a wall of knowledge that some people had and some didn't; I certainly didn't as was evidenced by the D grade that I received.
    When returning to university the thought that most caused me to feel anxious was that I was obliged to study maths in the first year of my finance degree. However, I found in the first week after two trips to the Maths Support Centre that maths was very different at university level. It went from being a riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma to being a puzzle that could be solved by considered thought, effort and practice. I found the people at the MSC to be very supportive and friendly. They were always quick to assist with problems by demonstrating the required concept through a similar question or going through one of the pre-made worksheets.

    I ended up enjoying maths so much in my first year that I changed my degree to keep it for the three years. Working hard, attending the MSC regularly and getting good grades has led me to my current career of trainee actuary where I work in London for one of the leading Managing Agents of the Lloyds Insurance Market. (Finance Student, 2008-11)

  • It is a great support in my studies and inspiring to know that the tutors themselves have been there and got through the work. It made me see problems in maths as a challenge and not a difficulty. Very friendly staff make you feel like you're not the only one to ask questions and really make sure you understand.
  • In the MSC no question is a stupid one. I find it encouraging. Myself and a small group of friends go each week, possibly a few times a week and the help we get makes me feel more confident about my own abilities
  • As a mature student I finished my Arts Degree in 2011. The MSC made my journey through the maths course very enjoyable. It was a place to meet like minded individuals. The support and encouragement I got from the tutors was definitely the recipe to my success. When I doubted my ability, they picked me up brushed me off and made me believe in myself again. It was definitely my happy place on campus. 
  • The main reason I am e-mailing is to say a massive thank you to everybody involved in the MSC. I finished the year with an average of 81 % in maths and in groups I got 94% and in analysis 88%. I am so very proud of these results but they simply would not have been possible without the MSC. I almost did not put Science Education in Maynooth down on my CAO as you had to do Maths in first year and I certainly did not plan on continuing with Maths until the end of my degree. I got a C1 in Maths in my Leaving Cert and I had little to no confidence in my mathematical ability. But with regular visits to the MSC my opinion of Maths and my self-confidence in the subject has totally changed. I cannot wait until I get my very own maths classes where I can foster my new positive view of the subject in my students. The MSC has changed my career path for the better and helped shape the teacher I have now become. I know there are many others in my class in the same boat. I now enjoy maths and at home it has become a recreational activity! I hope you have some idea the influence it has had on so many maths students in Maynooth. (Science Ed, 2010-2014)

Second Level Comments

  • Before I came, didn't think I'd do well, now I think I have the ability for higher level, I now understand the topic and can keep up.
  • Before coming here I was afraid of Project Maths, the MSC has built up my confidence in my abilities
  • I feel I know how to better approach a problem
  • Just wanted to drop you a note to say that my daughter, who is a 2nd year student in Maynooth Post Primary School, has attend the maths support for the past 4 weeks…I am writing to say thank you so much for this service. She has gained so much confidence in her ability since attending and the help she is receiving from the tutors is really beneficial. She looks forward to attending and comes out with a spring in her step. (Parent, 2014)

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